Secret Heart

Secret Heart 3

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It only took eight seconds for Nate Montgomery’s bull riding career to go from brilliant to burned out. Back in Three Rivers with no money and no prospects, he needs to regroup and build an identity for himself that doesn’t involve being thrown around by 1500lbs of fury. He finds reprieve in a familiar package of curves on the other side of the bar at the local watering hole. She’s tall, full-bodied, and sweet, and Nate will gladly come back for a second taste.

Single mother and perpetual girl-from-the-wrong-side-of-the-tracks Layla Sullivan is barely holding together the life she’s building for herself and her son. She’s got shift work, squeaky cupboards, a big fat secret, and no time for Nate Montgomery to come waltzing into her life, making her wish for things she can’t have. But this cowboy is as bull-headed as he is sexy, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that having an extra warm, handy body in her house isn’t a bad thing—especially when it belongs to her baby’s father.

When Layla’s family drama comes back to bite her, exposing her secret and threatening the happy little bubble they’ve created, Nate feels bound to repeat the sins of his father. But he’s never been one to give up, and this little family might be just the new life he’s looking for.

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