About Amity

I live in New Brunswick, Canada, on a multi-generational hobby farm with my parents, my husband, and my young son, as well as a flock of sheep, a herd of goats, too many herding dogs, several barn cats, and my three horses.

I’ve loved telling stories my whole life and could even be found telling them into a tape recorder in my grandmother’s basement before I could write them. They always included kissing!

I strive to write real, sincere characters that exemplify the small-town sense of community and family I grew up in.

I am deeply inspired by the magic of Peter S. Beagle’s writings (The Last Unicorn┬áchanged my life) and had the privilege of meeting him in May 2014. He was impossibly charming and delightful and left a lasting impression on me.

I love critters, cowboys, and coffee (the order of which depends on the day you ask me), and I still believe in unicorns. I hope you enjoy my books!